Men’s Haircuts & Hairstyles

Men’s Haircuts & Hairstyles

Today’s man wants a mens haircut that goes beyond the short buzz cut that his father had. Also, gone are the 60’s when long hair for men looked like it wasn’t cared for at all. Today, the hairstyles for men rival the choices women have been enjoying for decades and to maintain his hair style, whether short or long hair, men hair care products exist to support his choices in men’s haircuts. Simply put, when it comes to the many different hairstyles for men available today, the options are endless. These options are influenced by:

    1. New and improved cutting tools allow for undercuts, crops, hi-lo fades and fade cuts.
    2. Advances in hair care products designed specifically for men’s hair.
    3. Heavy media coverage of male athletes and celebrity haircuts and fashion trends.
    4. Identifying the individual’s natural hair flow, (ex. combining a longer hairstyle with shorter sides.)
    5. Complementing surgical lines in the mens haircuts with their facial hair.
    6. Coloring options that allow the man to express his unique identity.
    7. Self expression to identify with their nationality and heritage.



The True Benefit

Men have finally realized, salons are not just for women. That social stigma has been replaced with the belief that hair needs to be cared for, if it is going to look and feel great. Although some men only go to salon for special occasions, such as proms and weddings, many men are realizing the value of regular consultations with a professional hairstylist. Make an appointment today to experience the difference our salon can make for you. You will love the way you look and how your hair feels.

Conveniently located in central NJ, Dory’s Hair Salon has been offering mens hairstyling services since 2011. We offer our men clientele expert advice and service that they have come to expect. We welcome one and all to experience what our salon can do for you.

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