Dominican Doobie Wrap & Roller Set

Dominican Doobie Wrap & Roller Set

Women of all ages and nationalities love the “look and feel” of a Dominican doobie wrap. But what exactly is a Dominican doobie wrap? The Dominican doobie wrap is a process that straightens naturally curly, kinky, and textured hair the natural way, without the use of chemicals, hot irons or hot combs. The process starts with a professional wash and deep conditioning treatment, followed by a Dominican roller set with bobby pins, and finally a Dominican blowout.

The doobie wrap process can take some time, so set aside a couple of hours to get pampered, as your hair goes through a 6 step process:

  • professional wash and deep conditioning
  • hair is rolled on extra large hair rollers
  • 45-60 minutes under the hood dryer
  • hairstylist removes the roller set and pins
  • using a large round brush, hair is blow-dried under high heat from the roots to the tips
  • healthy, natural hair treatment is applied





Doobie Wrap Origination

This hairstyle has been popular in the Dominican Republic with local women for generations, and has been rapidly gaining popularity in the United States with women of all ethnicities and ages. But to get the wrap done right, it is best to visit a local Dominican hair salon in NJ. After all, who is better qualified than a Dominican hairstylist who grew up getting the wrap as a child.  Dory’s hair salon in Union, NJ is just the place. Let Dory and her professional staff perform their expertise on your hair once and you will be hooked.

Conveniently located in central NJ, Dory’s Hair Salon has been offering Dominican doobie wraps and roller sets for years. Dory welcomes one and all to experience what Dory’s Dominican hair salon can do for you.

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